Road Sans Map

by Patrick Bates

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This was recorded in the month of July, 2011. I recorded this with the help of a very kind man by the name of James Mason in his living room. This is the first official release as a solo artist. Hope you enjoy!


released July 31, 2011

Written, Mixed, and Produced by Patrick Bates
Tracked by James Mason
Artwork by Patrick Bates
Text by Timo Prousalis



all rights reserved


Patrick Bates Richmond, Virginia

Patrick is an musician based out of Richmond, VA. From a very early age, he has been writing music and playing for his family and friends, and anyone else who would listen. Over the years, Patrick has played in many bands ranging from indie rock to ambient electronic to improv jazz and hip-hop. Jumping from instrument to instrument, Patrick has always tried to keep things fresh. ... more

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Track Name: Footsteps
it came to me
in a dream about my mother in the 90's.
her air breathed peace and copaceta.
she did not say a thing
only believed in me.

then my father,
he tried to teach me about the world around
without falling in the footsteps
of those who came before him
he tried to be his own man

that is when i fell down before it
my thought of them was clouded
by my own self-image

when he left her,
she cried and cried until her hair turned all grey
it was normal growing up this way
she did not say a damn thing
about this cycling.

that is when i woke up
from this dream
my thought of them was clouded
by my own suffering
Track Name: Protocol
waking up you feel lost with your upbringing
and it's weighing you down cause you can't account for everything
so you close your eyes and hold your breath
for it won't be long
and you jump into the pond
to find it all leads home

and you can't help but follow protocol
when facing the things you've nailed to the wall

but if you turn your back on everything
in the end, it's just you

making way for clear thought of the obstacle
on a road sans map, well, you loose track of the path you're on
so you hold your breath and reach out for all you hold dear in this world
but connection seems to fade away
'cause the drama keeps you here

and i can not wait to find the truth about you
Track Name: Fakers and Singers
come take a look
don't be afraid
to get started
out on the stage
i'll meet you there
unless you're guarded
i can't explain
what's in my head
'till i just commit

count on your friends
you'll see they care
they've been waiting
count on the art
they'll meet you there
i can't explain
what's in my head
if i'm stuck in here

i don't know

out on the way
you'll see them there
they've been trying
don't distract yourself
with drowning thoughts
just keep climbing
i can't explain
what's in my head
if i'm stuck in here

you cannot fake your way to the top, yea,
well i don't know
you cannot fake your way to the bottom

i can't help myself from singing out