Feathers and Pearls

by Patrick Bates

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This is a collection of songs written in 2013 surrounding the events of a love affair gone awry. It was recorded in February of 2014 at Montrose Studios in Richmond, VA.


released January 27, 2015

All songs written by Patrick Bates
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Adrian Olsen
Co-produced by Bruce Olsen and Patrick Bates
Mastered by Phil Klum at PKM

Patrick Bates - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, and some keys
Adrian Olsen - Drums, Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Percussion, and Vocals
Marshall Costan - Bass, Guitar, and Attitude
Alexandra Spalding - Cello and Vocals
Marcus Tenney - Trumpet and Alto Saxophone
Reginald Pace - Trombone

Artwork & Design by Make Things Awesome
Photography by Thea Duskin
Lettering by Subodh Samudre

A very special thanks to:
Adrian Olsen, Marshall Costan, Bruce Olsen, Alexandra Spalding, Tyler Williams, Thea Duskin, Chris Dowhan, My friends and family, Petter Erikson and Alberta Cross, Phantogram, The city of Berlin, and Ardjani Puig for being my muse. Here is to the good times we shared.  
Du wirst immer in meinem Herzen sein.




all rights reserved


Patrick Bates Richmond, Virginia

Patrick is an musician based out of Richmond, VA. From a very early age, he has been writing music and playing for his family and friends, and anyone else who would listen. Over the years, Patrick has played in many bands ranging from indie rock to ambient electronic to improv jazz and hip-hop. Jumping from instrument to instrument, Patrick has always tried to keep things fresh. ... more

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Track Name: German Muse
Fair skin and dark jeans
You're on my mind, or so it seems
The metal wrist and headdress
The absent cloth across your chest

As your hands rest on mine
I wake up without you
Alone again in my hotel room
How I long to choose
Between this vagabond life
And my german muse

Traveling on, I see you there
With eyes wide shut, my heart goes bare
But time goes by, just clock it
And it will not slow down for you
Lord, I know I want it to
But wishful thinking leads me astray
But to find my German muse
To stay

With you home in Berlin
For one night that we never spent
Hold on, I need you now
Here with me
Track Name: Waltz of Noel
See how they turn
Spinning in the sky
Just to fall back down to earth
So graceful and spry
The way that they move
Brings me closer to you
Just to turn me away
As the lights go blue

Turning in unison, swaying with the time
Oh how the sight of it brings a tear to the eye

And watching you twirl
In your own private world
Just exposed of your insides
Your Feathers and Pearls
But your showing me now
To the door and somehow
Theres a river we used to walk
Flowing through my mind

Turning in unison, swaying with the time
Oh how the sight of it brings a tear to the eye
Turning so sweet, they're not dancing for me
They're not dancing for anyone without self deceit

But watching you turn
Just as graceful as birds
Just for me, on the worlds fondest

of holidays..
Track Name: No Guarantees
She came into my life like the mornings bright light
I was spending most of my life dancing in the night
She took off my sunglasses and showed me how to see
And who I could be

Not taking no for an answer, she was strong and true
She flew across the ocean to the Red, White, and Blue
She taught me how to love, thought I already knew
But then something felt new

Take a look at my life, tell me what you see
Just when I thought I was safe from harm, she flipped the switch inside of me
So I flew across the ocean to see what it means
To love unconditionally

But when I stepped outside, the morning was gone
I tried my best to fight it but she had withdrawn
And we had switched our places in all irony
And she could not see me

She breaths fire
Like the Sun

And now I
I'm on fire
But on my own

I gave her everything I had
My world, My home
My veins are empty, my breath is airless
But still she's gone

So the chapter closes, romance over seas
Though I know it was worth the effort, there are no guarantees
Still I'm forever grateful for what she showed to me
That love is not free
Track Name: In the End
And in the end, you come out
The other side, you best not forget
That after the storm, and the waves of change
Come crashing down, it's a waste to regret

No matter where you go, or what you've done
They'll be watching you, just to see if you've learned
So show them your right for a second chance
It'll come to you if you just forgive yourself

And in the end, you come out the other side
Well, you're better for it.